“Are you open?” We are not open for skiing. However, our Swiss Valley Ski & Board Shop is currently open for pre-season shopping (Friday-Sunday*) . * Fridays 12pm-7pm, Saturday 10am-5pm and Sundays 12pm-5pm.

This is what that snowmaking window of opportunity looks like for Swiss Valley:
• Several days with a majority of hours with temperatures below 28°
• Low humidity
• Minimal wind
Any time the temperatures, humidity or wind leave the ‘ideal’ area, we must turn off the snow guns – that means if daytime temperatures exceed 28°, winds pick up, it starts sleeting, etc.

Once we can start making snow, we need:
• 36+ hours of constant snowmaking to turn our grass from green to white.
• Another day to move the snow and groom it into skiable terrain.

As we face a 10-day forecast with heavy rain and temperatures in the mid-50s, we unfortunately can’t set an opening date at this time. As we begin to see more consistent snowmaking weather, we’ll turn the guns on and keep you posted!

Please check out our Science of Snowmaking link.  Please sign up for SV Texting and follow our SV Facebook page for the quickest and most frequent updates.