Swiss Valley Food Favs & Daily Premium Meals

Enjoy at the Hill-Side Outdoor Seating Areas

Cafe 225, located in the Main Lodge, is serving up some past favorites and new daily premium meals too. Due to indoor eating restrictions, the menu and service area have been updated to allow for quicker check out. A new daily premium meal from Brisket, Meatball Subs to Cheddar Mac & Cheese with Pulled Pork along with everyday favorites such as Chicken Strip Basket, Pizza and Bosco Sticks are offered each day as grab and go options. Meals may be enjoyed at one of our outdoor seating areas, at a rented SkiBana or tailgate-style at your vehicle. Menus are posted daily at Cafe 225 in the Main Lodge.

Picnic lunches brought from home are still allowed; however, they must be enjoyed at your vehicle, in a rented SkiBana, in the SkiBana village, or in any general outdoor seating area.

Premium SkiBana hill-side or BYO SkiBana in the village offers a space of your very own. Click here to learn more.