Skiers & riders will see some Covid-19 adjustments to the ski season

Swiss Valley is working very closely with the local and state health officials, and  Michigan Snowsports Industries Association (MSIA) to provide fully open slopes to enjoy this winter. Stated a recent article in the Detroit Press:

… skiing by its nature shows potential to mesh well with common coronavirus precautions in several ways.

Once underfoot, the dimensions of skis or a snowboard can help users in establishing the typical 6-foot social distancing interval from others who are waiting ahead of or behind them for a lift ride. Even before state officials and public health agencies began calling for face covering use as a means to help prevent coronavirus spread, skiers routinely wore these to combat the chilly conditions associated with their pastime. Furthermore, skiing is an activity that’s typically pursued in spacious outdoor expanses with plenty of fresh air.

… At the same time, the National Ski Areas Association urges ski operators to follow protocols for loading lifts that avoid close contact between members of different ski parties, to follow cleaning and disinfection strategies in all areas of their operations and to clearly communicate public health plans and requirements to visitors.

Our Covid-19 preparations started in early summer and we continue to work diligently toward meeting the ever-changing requirements and recommendations. In the near future, we will begin to roll out our adjustments for the 2020-2021 ski season. One thing that won’t change will be your opportunity to enjoy snow covered slopes. We are excited to host our skiing and riding guests again in December and bring some normalcy back to winter.


Northern Michigan’s ski resorts preparing for ‘very different’ ski season

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