Opening Day On Hold

Unfortunately, we will not be able to open the slopes this weekend (December 19-20) for skiing and snowboarding.

Our biggest challenge has been temperatures combined with humidity levels that were teetering on the edge of being too warm and too high to consistently operate the snow guns. We have made a lot of progress and will not disturb the piles of snow with the groomer so the snow has a good chance of holding through the potential rain and warmer temps the next few days.

We plan to fire all the guns back up as soon as we can. We see a welcomed Artic Blast in the forecast on Christmas Eve. If the forecast holds it appears we will have the right temperatures for several consecutive hours to make the balance of the snow we will need to open. Thank you for hanging in there with us, we will see you soon!

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When we open – Face Coverings Required

When we open, things will look a bit different due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Outdoor skiing and snowboarding are not canceled but face coverings are required! Face Covering are required everywhere at Swiss Valley Ski & Snowboard Area….by both employees and customers.  Please don’t be the reason we lose the season and observe our Covid Safety Policy, posted here on our website.

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